Non-Illuminated Letters

Non-Illuminated letters encompass any letter builds that do not incorporate lighting components inside of a channel or cabinet contained within the letter. These letter forms allow for versatile, 3D signage tailored to the needs of your business.

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Build Options

The materials you use can have a huge impact on your final design. Non-Illuminated Letters can be fashioned out of…

Foam – Plastic – Aluminum – Reverse Channel – PVC – ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) – Wood – MORE!

Backgrounds / Mounting


Letters are cut out of aluminum so that plastic letters can be pushed into the holes filling the space. This creates a dimensional look.

Ghost Blasters Non Illuminated Interior Sign
Pin Mounted

The letter has pins/rods attached to the back and affixed to the wall. They can be flush mounted, or have spacers added to give the effect that they’re floating off the wall.

Fortinos Waterdown Pin Mounted Wall Sign
Aluminum/ACP Backer Panel

Letters are mounted onto an aluminum box, which is then mounted onto the wall.

Pane Fresco Letters on aluminum backer panel

Letters are mounted onto tracks which are then mounted onto the wall.

Tamarack Lumber Raceway Exterior Letters

Lighting options

Eyebrow lighting

Eyebrow lighting is great for keeping your letters visible when internal lighting is not possible. A bar of LED light is positioned above your sign and shines down on it like a spot light. 

Need Ideas?

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