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Elevate your promotional and decorative prints by implementing the wide array of materials available.

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We offer a wide variety of material...


Pretty as a painting! Print your designs on a banner or canvas which is then stretched tight into a frame to create a durable and lightweight print. 


Polystyrene is a thin, lightweight, durable plastic, which can be easily transported, inserted into frames, or mounted onto surfaces with adhesive.


The foam board consists of a foam core between 2 sheets of paper. Known for being lightweight, durable, easily handled, and economical. Available in a variety of thicknesses depending on the needs of the project.


Cardstock is a heavy-weight paper. 


Print directly onto wood panels that incorporate the texture and rustic charm of classic wood-painted signs, no need for digital textures, expensive hand painting, or vinyl application.


Acrylic, aka plexiglass, is a versatile plastic material that is available in white or clear, popular for its optical clarity (glass-like appearance),


Polycarbonate is a plastic material, however, its main difference from acrylic is its less rigid and therefore has higher durability ratings.


(aka Aluminum Composite Panel, Sandwich panel ) Consists of 2 sheets of aluminum, and a low-density filler. The resulting material is an aluminum panel which is durable, lightweight, and cost-efficient.

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