Wall Graphics

Make the most of your walls.

The walls of your business can be a canvas for decoration, advertising, and branding opportunities.

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Coverage Options

Wall Wrap

With wall wraps, the full surface of your wall is covered in graphics.

Best used as custom wallpaper, immersive full-room graphics, accent walls, photo walls, murals, etc.

Wall graphics are printed on self-adhesive vinyl. Images are printed in panels typically up to 54” wide, and tiled together with a ¼” overlap to larger images that blend smoothly and coherently.

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Partial Graphics

(AKA spot graphics) Graphics are cut by a vinyl plotter out of either printed and laminated Self-Adhesive Vinyl, or solid colored or special effects (Holographic, metallic, etc.) Self-Adhesive Vinyl. The graphics have excess negative space peeled away. They are then applied to the wall with transfer tape.

These graphics can then be applied in unique shapes to the wall. Used when graphics are smaller than the whole wall and want to incorporate the texture of the wall into the image. Best used with simpler shapes, as intricate shapes can’t be cut effectively.

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Need Ideas?

Dear Designers, Unsure how best to format your images for export?
Check out our submission guidelines for tips on how to export the best possible image for maximum control over the outcome of your graphics.


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