Pylon Signs

Come near, come far

Pylon signs are free-standing signs supported by metal poles. They’re typically located by the roadside to help advertise one or more businesses in a building.

Pylons are designed to be easily visible from a long distance by passing vehicles and pedestrians. Pylons employ height, light, and bold simple graphics to communicate quickly and catch attention.

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Local Legend

A strategically placed and well-designed pylon sign can become part of the local landscape and turn your business into a landmark.

(Come pick me up near the *Your Business* sign)

Increase visibility

Pylons are very effective at alerting people to the presence of a business, especially for multi-tenant complexes. They can increase customers by bringing in passing traffic from the road.

Stronger brand presence

Among many locations, the building may change but pylon signs can be used to communicate your branding in a consistent recognizable manner to attract repeat customers from other locations.

Communicate Easily

Pylon signs often serve as a multi-tenant directory for plazas, shopping malls, and offices. Pylon signs allow tenants to communicate their presence in your building and are a convenient place to display instructions on parking, store location, special promotions, and more.

Additional features

Electronic Message Centers

 (aka EMCs) consist of screens with digital displays that can be edited remotely, and offer a greater variety of options being able to display text, videos, slideshows, live information (time, weather, temperature), images, etc.

Benefits: All of the flexibility of letter boards, without the need to manually change them, No susceptibility to vandalism, visible at any hour, catches attention and attracts more traffic, allows for more creative messages and communication.

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Readograph consist of tracks that hold changeable letters or pictograms that can be rearranged to display temporary messages such as new promotions, marketing, and notices.
Benefits: Allows flexible communication at lower up front investment. Classic look and nostalgic favorite.

*Not to be confused with Monument Signs, which are also roadside wayfinding signs, but designed to be viewed from greater distances and therefore employs simpler sturdier designs, great heights, and bright lights.

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