When there’s a will, there’s a Wayfinding.

Navigating man-made environments is an aspect of our everyday lives made possible by wayfinding. Communicating where things are through arrows, maps, signs and more can help those visiting your place of business to have a stress-free, and pleasant experience.

Not being able to find things properly can frustrate customers, and lose repeat business which is why high-quality wayfinding is crucial to a positive customer experience.

Effective wayfinding is also a safety measure. Wayfinding can be used to direct traffic to avoid blocking walkways, help people locate exits, and help people locate customer service or help kiosks in case of emergencies.

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Wayfinding is often a mixed variety of different signs which come together as a system by which visitors can decipher your environment. Different ways to communicate wayfinding include:

  • Building Directories
  • Address Signs
  • Maps & Floor Plans
  • Directional Signs

There is no one way to communicate effectively, and therefore effective wayfinding comes in many shapes and forms.

Some different methods of informing visitor navigation include:

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are free-standing signs. Typically located roadside to help advertise one or more businesses in a building. Pylons are designed to be easily visible from a long distance by passing vehicles and pedestrians.  They employ height, light, and bold simple graphics to communicate quickly and catch attention.

Uses often include Multi-Tennant directories, Addresses, Directional signage, etc.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are ground-level signs easily visible from a close distance by vehicles and pedestrians visiting your business. They are often placed near an entrance of a building or facility.

Uses often include Building directories, Addresses, Directional signage, etc.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are printed on durable vinyl, then have non-slip laminate to ensure your floor wraps are safe for and safe from foot traffic.

Uses include directional signage, such as paths arrows, etc.

Wall Signs

Wall signs come infinite shapes and forms. They’re versatile and straightforward methods of communication and are commonly seen in almost public environments.

Uses often include Washroom signs, Directional signage, Notices, Tenant directories, etc.

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are suspended from the ceiling and deliver communication that can be seen from many vantage points and offer greater visibility

Uses include Aisle Signs, Directional Signage, Exit Signs, etc.

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