Illuminated Sign Boxes

What’s in the box?

Sign boxes, (AKA sign cabinets and fascia), are signs constructed of a cabinet with a graphic face and internal lighting. These are often affixed to the front of a building to advertise a business to passers-by. An illuminated box can be single or double-sided depending on the usage. A simple illuminated box will have a flat plastic face with printed/vinyl graphics applied to it to get the desired design.

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Face Options

Polycarbonate faces

Polycarbonate is naturally semi transparent thermoplastic,  popular due to its high performance in any environment.
Capable of withstanding significant deformation due to high temperatures and inclement weather.
It also provides superior impact strength, high resistance to cracking or shattering.

Illuminated Sign Boxes / Fascia Signs

Flex faces

When a sign exceeds a certain size margin, (~<7’ tall – 10’ long) using solid plastic might lead to some issues

  • The sign becomes heavier and requires more supports being affixed to the walls to ensure stability
  • The stoppers inside the sign box can only absorb so much movement so wobbling may be heard from inside the building, especially on windy days

These can be avoided by upgrading to flex face. Flex face is a banner-like canvas material stretched into a frame, like a drum, and decorated with printed or vinyl graphics.

Ritson Veterinary Clinic Flex Face

Build Options


One of the most common signs out there, gracing the front of many commercial buildings. A fascia is a kind of sign commonly affixed to the front of a building. Fascia signs are usually plastic faces inserted into frames and backlit by LEDs. They’re popular for being a simple, and eye-catching way to use illuminated signs to showcase a business.

Recess Sign Box


Blade Signs are projecting or suspended signs perpendicular to the building façade. They are typically double-sided sign boxes and can be illuminated or non-illuminated. They are smaller in scale, and their objective is to attract foot traffic from those walking past on sidewalks. Because of this, they are popular in metropolitan areas, downtown areas, shopping malls, and anywhere that sees passing foot traffic.

Splash Blade Sign

Need Ideas?

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