Jones Neon Displays ensures your new signage receives all required City, Municipal & Ministry of Transportation (MTO) permitting anywhere in Canada. From dedicated permit drawings, applications, Professional Engineer reviews, and approvals to final inspections. We will take care of it all so you can have peace of mind that your new signs are in full compliance.

Every City is different in terms of requirements, restrictions, costs, and approval turnaround times. Our team will guide you in the right direction if you have any questions regarding specific bylaws for your location and sign type.

All applications, regardless of City or Province will require a formal property site plan and a letter of Authorization from the property owner.


Is your location close to a Highway? If so, you may be in an MTO-controlled area. Find out here

The MTO holds its own set of separate sign bylaws that require an application and approval process.

Sign Variance

If your proposed signage exceeds City or Municipal bylaw’s and you are unable to comply for any reason, a Sign Variance application would be required.

Sign Variances are a lengthy approval process (3-5 months on average) with extensive applications and with possible City meeting requirements.

The City does not guarantee approval of Variance applications but our team has had great approval success!

Contact our sales team for more info, or to start your quote!

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