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Legacy of Neon

In-house neon bending in the Toronto area since 1956

Neon signs are produced by running an electric current through a glass tube filled with rarefied gas. They became popular worldwide during the 1920s as outdoor signage because of the variety of colours that could be produced.

Throughout the last hundred years neon has become a beloved and iconic symbol. Songs are written about its glow, and its influence can be seen across the culture.

Neon signs have become landmarks, historical artifacts, collectors items, and heirlooms. 

LED vs Neon Signs

Jones Neon Signs only offers authentic traditional neon signs because we believe in the quality and beauty of true neon.

Since the rise in popularity of LEDS, authentic neon has become significantly more rare. LED replica signs can be found across the internet. They use LED lights encased in plastic tubing to mimic the appearance of traditional glass neon for cheap.

What’s the difference?

Quality: LED neon signs are a fraction of the price of glass neon signs and it shows. LED neon signs can have gaps in the tubing, adhesion issues, low quality lighting, and age poorly.

They’re typically best for short term events like weddings or residential applications like children’s bedrooms.

Traditional neon has been beloved for the past hundred years because it’s built to last. Glass neon can be repaired, but with LED neon it’s often cheaper to replace the entire sign.

Beauty: There’s nothing like the real thing. The glass tubes and rich glows of neon signs can be imitated but never matched by LED lights. Authentic neon has a romantic and nostalgic vibe that cannot be beat.

Longevity: LED neon signs last between 1-5 years on average, depending on the quality of the power supply while glass neon signs can last between 5-15 years before needing service, and can be repaired indefinitely.

Keep in mind…

  • Authentic neon signs are fragile and require high voltage transformers. Because of this in environments where they’re in reach of the public they MUST be behind a protective barrier to keep your sign and people safe.
  • Minimum turnaround time of 4 weeks, Minimum starting prices approx. $500

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