5 Tips to Choose the Best Sign Company

Top 5 Tips on how to choose the best sign company

Reading the signs.

What to look for when choosing a sign company 

When looking for a sign company to trust, it can be intimidating to navigate all the different choices available across Canada. Your needs are going to vary based on the scale of your signage rollout, the size of your company, the turnover time needed, and it quickly becomes obvious there’s a lot to consider. 

Quality signage is an investment. Effective signage can increase the reputability, visibility, and customer experience of your business. Communicating your branding, wayfinding, and marketing messaging is an absolute necessity for making your business functional, so it’s important to feel confident your signage is well taken care of.

No two signage companies are the same, and deciding which one is right for you takes careful consideration.

When deciding on which signage company to rely on, there are 5 key areas to consider when determining if they’re the right fit for your business…

1. Experience

Just like with anything, you want an expert to be at your service. There are lots of novice sign companies, but with such a large investment you don’t want to risk poor installation, or low-quality products.

A novice company could make costly mistakes that get passed along to the customer such as damage to the building, making a low-quality sign that needs to be replaced, poor installation, or an unsafe sign which hurts someone.

Looking at when the company was started is helpful to see how long they have been running, as this can show you how experienced they are.

Seeing what other large businesses are trusting a sign company can be a good way of judging their competence. Looking at their past work, what companies they do work for and reading customer testimonials are helpful.  Read a bunch of reviews and if you can talk to someone you actually trust that has used the company – that will always be your best bet!  

2 . Quality

The quality of a sign is determined by a few different factors. When looking at the signs a company produces, pay attention to the quality of their work

Construction: Are their signs well built? Are they made of high quality materials, with structural integrity? Are the signs well lit? Are the prints crisp and the colors vibrant? How long do their signs typically last, what kind of warranties are they offering?

Appearance: Do their signs have dark spots in the LEDs? Is there peeling vinyl, print streaks, or misalignments in the graphics? Are their colors consistent across multiple locations and in accordance with company branding? Are they paying attention to details?

Responsibility:  Do their production methods align with your company’s environmental goals? Are they using low emission inks? Do they offer recycling programs? Are their suppliers green guard certified? Do they use energy efficient LEDS?

You should also take a look at any pictures you can find of what their finished products actually look like as this can give you an indication of the quality and appearance of their work.

3. Service

Depending on what type of signage you are looking for (larger or more technical electronic signs can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars), you want to make sure there is good after-sales service. You want to be sure that if your sign does happen to get damaged that they will, without hesitation, come and fix your sign.

 Do you believe in insurance? The peace that comes from knowing you are protected if something goes wrong? Well warranty is a big factor you should look into when purchasing a sign, as this can vary greatly between sign companies (or even the type of sign). Most likely, you are already someone who believes in insurance, so make sure you protect your investment by checking the company’s warranty and after-sales service policies. 

4. Process

 Do you have to design your own sign or do they have experts to help? What are the wait times? Do they need a deposit?

Asking questions about the company’s process can help you know what to expect from their service, and ensure they have the capability to meet your needs.

5. Price

Price should reflect the above three. You would expect to pay a lower price for an inexperienced company, who gives short warranties, and who didn’t communicate honestly about what service they are providing.

Conversely, you would expect to pay slightly more for the peace of mind you get from knowing your sign is high quality, looks good, and is well taken care of.

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