With so many sign companies out there today it’s helpful to know what you should be looking for, so you know what questions to ask, so ultimately your needs can be met. Here are 4 key areas you will want to look into:


1. Experience

Just like with anything, you want an expert to be at your service. Novices tend to make more mistakes whereas experts “have seen it all before” and know how to avoid making costly errors which can get passed onto you as the consumer. Looking at when the company was started is helpful to see how long they have been running, as this can show you how experienced they are (though not always a guarantee of quality). You should also take a look at any pictures you can find of what their finished products actually look like as this can give you an indication of the quality and appearance of the company’s finished products. Customer testimonials are also helpful, though not always reliable, so it is important to read a bunch of reviews and if you can talk to someone you actually trust that has used the company – that will always be your best bet! 


2. After-sales service

Depending on what type of signage you are looking for (larger or more technical electronic signs can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars), you want to make sure there is good after-sales service. You want to be sure that if your sign does happen to get damaged that they will, without hesitation, come and fix your sign. Do you believe in insurance? The peace that comes from knowing you are protected if something goes wrong? Well warranty is a big factor you should look into when purchasing a sign, as this can vary greatly between sign companies (or even the type of sign). Most likely, you are already someone who believes in insurance, so make sure you protect your investment by checking the company’s warranty and after-sales service policies.


3.Their process

Do you have to come up with the design for your sign? Or do they have experts that can give you some sample designs? Do you have to wait 2 weeks, or 2 months? Do they need a deposit? Or do you pay after installation? The biggest frustration in business, and in well, life, is differing expectations, as this often leads to frustration, disappointment, and simply unmet needs. Make sure you understand the process, ask as many questions as required, to ensure that all your needs will be met.


4. Price

I do put price last out of the four, because price should reflect the above three. You would expect to pay a lower price for an inexperienced company, who gives short warranties, and who didn’t communicate honestly about what service they are providing. Conversely, you would expect to pay slightly more for the peace of mind you get from knowing you will be looked after if something goes wrong, for knowing your sign is quality and it actually looks good, and ultimately for the fact that people will have a positive impression of your business from seeing your signage.

Consumers’ perception of your business is reality to them (even if it isn’t true) and if your company looks professional and gives them a good feeling when they see it (from the inside or out), they are more likely to do business with you. Do you ever wonder why Coke commercials don’t focus too much on the actual attributes of the beverage? What they want customers to see are commercials filled with happy people, who are “feeling good”.Coke wants people to believe that having a Coke makes them “feel good” so they have billboards, commercials, and anything visual to see happiness. At the time of writing this post, Coke’s current slogan on their website is, “taste the feeling”! How do you want your signage to make customers feel? Studies show that people are subconsciously affected by what they see, and make judgements about it without even realising it. What do you want customers to feel and judge when they see your exterior signage? Don’t be cheap. Your sign can be the difference between someone having a good feeling and walking into your store, or no feeling at all and simply driving on by. If your goal is to have a sign, and that’s it, then get the cheapest, if your goal is to attract more customers to your business – make sure your sign is quality and draws people inside.


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