We are becoming more social… connected… hashtagged #trying

So we decided it was time to try and connect to the world via social media. Bare with us as we learn to tweet hashtags and post to walls all over cyber space. We are hoping it will be a way for people to get to know us better and realise that behind the website, and the signs, are your everyday Canadians (and some internationals – even New Zealand) that are just trying to do a good job and help Canadian businesses through quality signage. Help us get out there by sharing our posts, blogs, tweets and hashtagging #jonesneondisplays. And let us know if you have something you want us to write about on our blog, or if there are certain things you want us to post photos of on Instagram. Help us to share the things that you are interested in!   The Team at Jones Neon Displays Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn

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