LED vs Fluorescent: What’s the difference?

Times are changing in the sign industry. Not so long ago, fluorescent lighting was a business owner’s only option. Today, with continuing technological advances in the LED (Light Emitting Diode) industry worldwide, prices are continuing to fall. When you think of LEDs, the first thing you may think of is energy efficiency, but there are more to LEDs than just better energy use. Check out the table below as to why LEDs should be your only choice for your on-site signage. As you can see, there are more cost savings than just energy efficiency, maintenance issues are a huge factor. Next time you are driving past businesses in the early morning or at night (especially along a highway) have a look at the illuminated signs – a lot of them will have dark spots. Generally, this is failing fluorescent lamps that the busy business owner isn’t getting around to fixing. Bad move. This sign is supposed to represent your quality business! Even though we are told to not “judge a book by its cover,” people do it all the time, without even realising it. Marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, why? Because it works. Affecting people’s perception of something is powerful. So what do people think (and more importantly, feel) about your business by glancing at your sign? Is it time for an LED retrofit? Jones Neon regularly retrofits and installs signs with LEDs. Contact us today for a free quote for upgrading your sign (and brand) by implementing LED illumination technology.   Jordan Taylor 905 802 5741

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