LED Retrofitting

Are there dark patches in your illuminated sign? Is the light inconsistent? If so, it's time to remove the inefficient fluorescent lamps and replace them with high-performing LEDs.

Upgrade your lighting

LED lighting surged in popularity in the mid 2000s due to advancements in technology which allowed LED lights to be produced and sold at much lower prices. By ~2008 they began becoming more and more common in work and school environments and by ~2010 they became the mainstream choice for new signage.

Since ~2019, it’s become clear to manufacturers that fluorescent bulbs are on their way out, meaning these days it’s more difficult and expensive to maintain and repair fluorescent signage due to diminishing availability of components required to maintain lamps. If you are one of the many businesses out there still in possession of fluorescent signage, investing in upgrading your existing signage to LED lighting will save you more money each year.

Benefits of Switching to LEDS

All of our new commercial signs are made with LED lights which offer a variety of benefits…

• Fluorescents require significantly more maintenance.

• As manufacturers move away from producing fluorescents, components are becoming more difficult and expensive to source every year.

• LEDs consume 50% less electricity, lowering your consumption and hydro bill.

• Fluorescent lights contain toxic chemicals like mercury and phosphor which are hazardous waste materials


  • Inefficient,
  • Dull,
  • Expensive to run, and maintain
  • Toxic Chemicals


  • Energy efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Bright
  • Eco- friendly,
  • Evenly lit
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