This page is divided up by category. It is just a sample of some of our work and by no means an exhaustive list of what kind of signs we make with LED Illumination. Contact us if you don’t see here what you are looking for, we probably have a photo on file that can help!

Channel Letters

With Channel Letters the LEDs are contained within the letters themselves (see image). Typically the letters are made of aluminum, with a plastic face where vinyl is applied to achieve the desired colour. Back-lit channel letters (or “Halo” letters) can have the whole letter made out of aluminum, as the light projects out the back, so the face has no need to be translucent (see the majority of Hudson’s Bay photos below).


Illuminated Box

An illuminated box can be single or double sided depending on the usage. A simple illuminated box will have a flat plastic face with vinyl applied to it to get the desired design (see the red Newport Leasing sign below). To add another level of effect you can make the face out of aluminum and cut the letters out of it. You then back the aluminum face with plastic that illuminates. To add another level, you can have plastic “in-filled” or “pushed-through” the aluminum creating a 3D letter similar to channel letters above (see the first Rexall photo below for an example of an in-filled “R” and a cut out “exall” from an aluminum box).