G.D. Taylor – Co-Founder and former C.E.O. – Tootsies Shoe Market

To Whom It May Concern,
Since 1994 Tootsies Shoe Market has been a customer of Jones Neon Displays. Over the duration, Tootsies has opened, relocated and closed a combined total of approximately 47 locations, including 2 stores in Western Canada. Jones has manufactured and installed the exterior and interior signage for all Tootsies store locations, as well as done all relative work involved in the process of store relocations and closures. The reason(s) for this long term, uninterrupted partnership is straight forward and simple; Quality, Service, Flexibility and Competitive pricing, coupled with a can-do attitude as well as a sincere desire to please. Although price always is a significant factor in retaining any trade; quality and top drawer service trumps other potential vendors that have quoted on jobs that may be at a slightly reduced cost as quality and service are sacrificed in order to lower the costs. All of the above components contribute to Jones consistently maintaining customer loyalty and retaining Tootsies business over this extended period.
Over 22 years of doing business with the same vendor, in a day and age of customers jumping off for the sole purpose of saving on some costs, emphasizes Jones credibility as a total provider in their field, which has always been, in my eyes, totally essential in contracting and retaining a vendor. By its very definition, “long term customer” equates to satisfaction. Not just on some of, or most of, but on every aspect of the job, from the very beginning to the follow-up, to and after completion.
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